About Teen Mom Connection


Teen Mom Connection has been serving teen moms in the Elk Grove and Sacramento areas for over eleven years. We have seen many young moms graduate high school and college, gain greater confidence in their parenting skills, make lifelong connections with other teen moms and mentors.



Christina Ortega, Director was an original Teen Mom in this very program. She has been serving teen moms for the past three years with her partner who has currently stepped down. In this new season, Christina will be flourishing Teen Mom Connection in new and exciting ways. Reaching out to teen mothers who need support, love and leadership in this new journey of life.Through this organization, Christina has been given the support she needed to create a better life for her and her family. She is currently a senior at the California State University of Sacramento and works for the city of Sacramento in water conservation. She is studying sociology, geography and most importantly the bible so that she can have a lasting impact in all of the communities she works with, Primary in the city of Sacramento. 



Christina is ecstatic to take the reigns of this exciting ministry, and see where God plans for it to go. She has been collaborating with other organizations that help her program flourish and to helps other programs flourish as well. Christina's vision is to have a lasting impact in her city and the surroinding cities. 

Executive Director:     Christina Marie Ortega






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